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Venetian Blinds for the Home.

The days when blinds were viewed as purely functional are long gone and a beautifully made wood venetian can be as aesthetically pleasing and room changing as a piece of furniture.

When privacy and light control are the number one issue, venetians are perfect as their slats can be tilted to create light, airy spaces during the day or an ambient cosy room at night. And the beauty of real wood brings in the relaxing aura of the great outdoors and adds warmth and texture to your scheme. In Ireland, our weather tends to be a bit on the grey side and daylight can lack the clarity and brightness of warmer climates. This is why painted wood has become so popular as we try to lighten up our homes with pale colours. And during the cooler months, wood acts as a natural insulator.

Bedroom Blinds

Sunwood Range of Wooden Venetian Blinds:

Offering 5 diverse and beautifully crafted collections reflecting the perfection of their native origins, Sunwood™ brings nature alive inside. The collections range from the subtlety of the Essential Collection to the high drama of the Gloss Collection. The Soft Grain Collection with its rich, natural finish, contrasts with the sheer flawlessness of the Perfect Grain, while the exquisitely formed Contour Collection completes this extensive choice of exceptional quality wood venetians.

The basswood used in the Sunwood™ collection is sourced with careful consideration for the natural environment, allowing you to welcome the outside world into your home in an ethical way.

Energy Efficiency

Not only are we conscious about where our wood comes from, but we strive to ensure it makes your home as energy efficient and kind to the environment as possible. Wood is a natural insulator, helping to keep the cold out during the winter months while the white stained woods will reflect the sun and help keep your interior space cool during the summer.

Child Safety

With child safety in mind all Sunwood™ blinds come complete with a Child Safety Cleat. Easily fitted to the side of the window ensuring all cords can be wrapped around out of childrens’ reach.


Essential Collection

The sheer elegance that can be created from a naturally beautiful product is made perfectly clear in the Essential Collection. This collection offers a choice of 10 desirable wood colours in 25mm, 35mm and 50mm slats to compliment your interior style.

The Essential Collection offers a choice of timeless classics allowing you to change your room style as often as you like without having to change your blinds. The Essential Collection offers practical simplicity at its very best.

The Gloss Collection

Gloss Collection

The ultra-modern Gloss Collection offers three contemporary quality wood colours with a trend led designer finish. With an edge of high drama and sophistication the Gloss Collection is perfect for a cool, minimalist interior look that just oozes style and dramatic glamour. If you desire an interior style to suit your personality, the Gloss Collection offers the perfect balance between decadent and demure.

Soft Grain Collection

Soft Grain Collection

Evoking a sense of harmony, the perfectly natural Soft Grain Collection offers a rich colour palette of choice. With a luxurious, textured finish in sumptuous tones such as Cabana, Tuscan Oak and Fired Walnut, the Soft Grain Collection is simply perfect for any room. A choice of subtle colours that take you back to nature will leave you ready to bring the outdoors in.

Soft Grain Collection

Contour Collection

Make a statement with the 65mm curved slat created to allow you to craft your own aspirational living space. The luxurious look and feel of the Contour Collection creates the impression of an interior shutter in your own private haven. With ultimate light control the Contour Collection is perfect for creating a real life living space which is stamped with your personality.

Soft Grain Collection

Accessories – Tapes

Sunwood offers the perfect choice of elegant, timeless wood venetians to add warmth, style and character to any interior space. Alongside the 5 stunning collections, Sunwood offers a versatile collection of accessories to give your blinds life and individuality.

A stunning range of tapes, tassels and valances complete and compliment the inspirational Sunwood Collection.
*38mm tape available for Contour Collection 65mm Slat
25mm Slat – 19mm Tape, 35mm Slat – 25mm Tape, 50mm Slat – 25/38mm Tape, 65mm Slat – 38mm Tape.


Accessories – Tassels

Sunwood offers the perfect choice of elegant, timeless wood venetians to add warmth, style and character to any interior space. Alongside the 5 stunning collections, Sunwood offers a versatile collection of accessories to give your blinds life and individuality.

A stunning range of tapes, tassels and valances complete and compliment the inspirational Sunwood Collection.

Gloss Collection

Venetian Blinds for your home

SittingRoom Venetian Blinds

Kitchen Metal Venetian Blinds

Metal Venetian Blinds:

Metal venetians are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens or any room that’s likely to get particularly warm or steamy – especially our Aluwood range which combines the practicality of aluminium blinds with the look of natural wood.

Metal venetians can also be fitted in a Perfect Fit frame to fit snugly inside uPVC window frames. This system is ideal for sealed unit double glazing as the blinds fit seamlessly between the glass and beading, with no need for drilling or screws. They’re also ideal for conservatories, tilt n’ turn windows or even back doors as you can open your windows without having to pull up the blinds first.

And if your customers can’t decide whether they want to opt for wood or metal, they can opt for Unity – a perfect marriage of the two. It’s a contemporary concept which combines sleek but generously-sized 50mm aluminium slats with a co-ordinating or contrasting wood valance and bottom rail.

Reasons for choosing Metal Venetian Blinds:

  • Available in 4 different slat widths
  • They are lightweight and hard wearing
  • Choose from 15mm, 25mm, 35mm and 50mm slats
  • Choose tabbed perfect fit for homes with young children
Kitchen PVC Blind
Bathroom PVC Blind

PVC Venetian Blinds:

Where style and practicality are important, Our wood expressions range is the perfect solution. With colours handpicked to reflect both current trends and classic favourites, expressions combines the beautiful look of real wood with all the benefits of PVC. Incredibly hardwearing, they’re at home in any room of the house but especially perfect in kitchens and bathrooms. They’re great in conservatories too as lighter in weight than a traditional wood blind.

New! High Shine and Silk finishes

Expressions is available in three slat widths – 38, 50 and 63mm and 12 classic and on-trend colours. This includes a choice of seven colours in a wood grain effect, available in all slat widths, white and ivory in a new smooth Silk finish and white, ivory and black in a contemporary High Shine finish. The new finishes are available in 50mm slats only.

New! tape option

Co-ordinating tape for each colour is now available on 50mm and 63mm blinds for all blind ranges.

New! slat selector

We’ve listened to feedback from our customers and made our slat selectors more streamlined and much easier to use. The slats themselves now come all the way out and the whole selector has a more premium look and feel.

Reasons for choosing PVC Venetian Blinds:

  • Ideal for bathrooms/kitchens and humid environments
  • Hard-wearing so good in high traffic areas
  • Cost effective
  • They offer a consistent look